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Hence, this bill could allow offenders who could have committed forcible sex offenses to get off.

and in general, one hopes that they would be extremely cautious in other cases to make sure that all of the ofefnders in fact committed consensual offenses and that the verdicts were not based upon plea bargains to the age based ofenses in cases where there is strong evidence of force.

It is highly likely that most Americans simply do not understand how easy it is to be convicted of a "sex crime" and ultimately end up on the SOR list such as public urination, exhibitionism, voyeurism, consensual sex (where age differences are greater than three and half years, mooning and streaking, lewd and lascivious and more.

There is no reason why a juvenile offender should ever be on the sex offender registry for engaging in consensal sex with another child.

Erika :) Posted by: Erika | May 10, 2013 PM The SOR (Sex Offender Registry) laws reflect nothing more than a fascistic war on the US Constitution, the principles of democratic equality under the law and basic human rights.

To say an act is consensual when it involves a person who is too young to give consent is indefensible and minimizes the law, Vitolins said.

For offenders to have their records cleared under the proposed law, they could be no more than five years older than the victim, and the victim must be at least 14.