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More than a tad moralizing, this approach will prove to be the picture's Achilles' heel, even though Elle's big secret provides one hell of a kicker as the story winds down to its surprisingly low key resolution.
“With the exception of Amherst losing the football game, that’s exactly how the weekend turned out to be! It's detrimental to the continuing spirit of Amherst.

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EW YORK — Jessica Peterson was allegedly “shocked and confused” last night after every member of a group photo in a dating app profile showed up for a first date.

“Every photo was of the same group of guys,” Peterson explained.

“Pretty hot.” Peterson admitted the date started off rough, after her asking, “So… ” resulted in a bizarre, perfectly orchestrated response delivered by the men in one unified voice.

Unfortunately, that is the nature of the beast, while both parties decide whether to carry on seeing each other.

I try not to judge.” “What sort of weirded me out is they held each other’s hands the entire time, which I found off-putting,” she added.

The men, friends since middle school, reportedly joined Dine together just last week, each choosing a different group photo to upload onto the profile.

You might already have an idea about how well suited you could be to each other, and your tentative feelings about the other person can have a major impact.

The prospect of the date could become really daunting – or you might adopt a ‘take it or leave it’ approach...