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For example, if the child depicted in the image is under fifteen years of age, the minimum sentence for this offense is ten years in prison all the way up to twenty-four years in prison.

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Courting couples aren’t allowed to touch each other beyond side-hugs, and all dates must be chaperoned.Then follows engagement, where the couple is actually allowed to touch each other!As any mom of even one or two preteens (or teenagers) can tell you, keeping up with the kids’ demands is a full-time job.What’s more, the Duggar children are all home-schooled.

Are Her Parents Keeping Her At Home For Free Childcare?

Meanwhile, Michelle and Jim Bob are popular speakers, which means that they’re oft away from home on speaking engagements.

As one fan wrote on the family’s Facebook page, “Part of me is happy that Jana remains single but then I remember all those younger siblings for whom she has to shoulder most of the responsibility and it’s like she’s trapped somehow.” In other words, the Duggars need all the help they can get, and Jana is an adult who can provide free labor, so why mess with a good thing? As fans of the Duggar family know, adults and older teenagers in the family don’t enter into relationships with members of the opposite sex willy-nilly.

From the outside, it looks like Jana Duggar can’t catch her break as a string of her younger sisters, Jill, Jessa and Jinger, get married off.

The eldest daughter of the Duggars has not even started courting, despite the fact that her 19-year-old sister Joy-Anna just entered one with Austin Forsythe.