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O' Connor rushed to the accident spot on pajamas and dropped everything just to support her back to recovery.

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The cast of characters remained largely identical to that in Sugimura's scenario, were written out of the story and 'Tony' became 'Dante' (source Resident Evil Wikipedia: 'Resident Evil 4 Development').

Before the game became 'Devil May Cry' the name working title was 'Karniva.' Director Kamiya was adamant about it been spelled with a 'K.' However the name Tony is still used in the first Devil May Cry novel and is engraved upon Ebony & Ivory and Luce & Ombra.

However, during development, the combat system strayed too far from the survival horror concept, and series producer Shinji Mikami convinced Hideki Kamiya and the rest of the development team to make the project into an entirely new game.

The original story, while still known as a Resident Evil game, was based on unravelling the mystery surrounding the body of the protagonist named 'Tony', an invincible man with skills and an intellect exceeding that of normal people, with his superhuman abilities explained with biotechnology.

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Devil May Cry is the first game in the Devil May Cry series, Created and directed by Hideki Kamiya featuring the main playable character, Dante, a son of Sparda, as the main protagonist.

Please note: All Character used in this game do not belong to me and are properties of capcom i am using it under the fair use law.The game is set entirely in and around a castle where both Trish and Dante go to on Mallet Island.Game director Hideki Kamiya's goal for this new Resident Evil game was to be on fast, stylish combat.Chief among them is the Stylish Rank, which grades the player's performance in combat.The game itself is split into Missions, which are individually scored according to various factors, such as Orbs gathered and damage taken.3 - Browser can not run game - Some of you may have problems running the game on your browsers this is due to loading.