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Enough oddly, BBB is registered under two numbers, numbers 39 and 40: in number 39, initials BBB in the rhombus (date of depo T: January 1, 1876; published on May 3, 1876 on page 21 of Trade Mak Newspaper) for class 341 (Tobacco, or manufactured gross and cigarettes), in number 40, a simple B for which no image is available (same references of deposit and publication) for the class 50 (Goods manufactured out of ivory, bone, wood, in vegetable or animal substance, pipes with tobacco, cigars and cigarettes (cigar and cigarette tubes).Let us note that Oppenheimer again registered BBB (of number 39) for a new logo under number 2288663 (date of filing: December 20, 2001; published on February 13, 2002 on page 2634 of Trade Mark Newspaper) for classes 14 (cases with cigar and cigarettes, limp with cigars and cigarettes, cigar-holder and cigarettes, all out of noble metals) and 34 (Tobacco and products of the tobacco, articles for smokers, pipes, jokes with tobacco, pipe-racks, lighters, equipment of cleaning for pipes, cigar-holder and cigarettes, cases with cigars and cigarettes, humidors).In fact, when the companies of the LASH stopped to dispute one the other, all the heads were turned in the installations of a new factory cise in Stratford, Carpenters Road.LASH bought also machines Zuckerman those being more effective.The workshops of finishing closed, and the pipes were finished in Aldershot and sometimes also in Shoeburyness.At that time, it was a practice courrante in the trade to offer to the other companies the heads of surplus at agreed prices.Little before 1914, A Frankau & Co was also a sole agent for the pipes Cherry Wood of the Ropp house to cover the United Kingdom and its colonies.If the BBB are its the most known pipes, A Frankau & Co had several marks of pipes: Capt.

The manufacture of the calabashs survived war 14/18, but this conflict destroyed the request. It is besides at that time that Comoy' S of London, Dr.

Cadogan was accustomed to selling head of rank A in Dunhill, and buying to him heads of rank II, III and IV.

But they did not finish the pipes for the other companies: to sell heads of rank A in Dunhill was more advantageous than of their making pipes of them!

The Twenties were not easy for the manufacturers of pipes, and A Frankau & Co are integrated by "A. Plumb and Loewe & Co pass under the control of Oppenheimer, which pushes the company to create "Cadogan Investments Ltd.2" in Cadogan Square, London, in the Thirties, to manufacture and sell its pipes.

The factory of Homerton passes under the control of "Marechal Ruchon & Co" (in the years 1970, the factory takes the name of "Fairfax Traders"), and continuous to produce the BBB in a traditional way. However, continuous BBB, commes other companies of the group "Cadogan", to function commercially like an independent company.