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Everyone that uses Electric should have fun and should not be grossed out or made feel uncomfortable in any way.

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Anxiety reduction can be linked to sexual behavior through early learning processes, meaning that, when anxiety levels increase, a need to reduce it through some kind of sexual behavior or encounter becomes strong (Gold & Heffner, 1998).However, reduced anxiety is only temporary and when it reoccurs, previous sexual behaviors are not sufficient to reduce high anxiety levels, so additional sexual practices may occur (Berberovic, 2012).

This study aims to find whether sexual compulsivity is comorbid with depression, anxiety, and substance use in students from non-western countries (Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina), since the sexual compulsivity phenomenon has not been the subject of research in the Balkan area so far.Sexual compulsivity means any sexual behavior in an individual, persisting over time despite numerous repetitive attempts to stop it, causing clinically significant levels of stress to the individual (Del Giudice & Kutinsky, 2007).Sexual compulsive behavior can be determined as an individual’s preoccupation with sexual thoughts, desires and behaviors, resulting in subjective distress and interfering in social and work functioning.Addiction in one area can lead to addiction in another area (Eisenman, Dantzker, & Ellis, 2004).Males were more likely to report addictions to sex, alcohol, drugs, gambling, while females were more likely to report chocolate, cigarette and food addictions (Eisenman et al., 2004).Bipolar and psychotic disorders can also be related to sexual hyperactivity (Finlayson, Sealy, & Martin, 2001).