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This largely unspoiled Balkan nation is characterized by wide rivers, rugged mountains, and stunning lakes.

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Having a balance and being skilled in day, night, online, social games will keep you afloat and in abundance in most parts of the world. Set it up and come back in a few hours to see your matches, no more wasting time on the phone. Last time I was in Mexico (Xalapa) a girl and I exchanged like 4 messages, logistics didn't work, she continued to message me for DAYS whining about why she couldn't find a guy who looks like me and wanting to talk. Play your gringo card if you have one, Gringo thirst is real in 2nd tier Mexico.I ended up having to cut her off rudely because I was getting distracted by her constant messaging. An update number 4 is due: Big picture: Western Europe Tinder primary, Badoo secondary Eastern Europe Tinder primary, Badoo secondary but better than in western europe South America Tinder and Badoo evenly (from what I've heard) (apparently not using Spanish in Online game is in your favor need more input on this subject) Africa ????????? Unknown North America Tinder primary, secondary???? Netherlands Tinder New Zealand Tinder Nigeria Badoo Norway Tinder Philippines Tinder Poland Badoo Portugal: Tinder is number 1.when I switched to English it was like night and day. Unknown 1 primary 2 secondary Argentina 1 tinder 2 badoo Australia Tinder Austria Lovoo Belarus ???????????

Unknown except South Africa South East Asia Tinder primary, Badoo secondary but still does the job. @frankiecred: added happn to Brasil @kidtwist & @Linux added Serbia General dynamics Tinder is taking over.

Your input on websites you use is highly valuable, we must explore all options. You might also report the results What about Tinder in Mexico? I have spent quite a lot of time due to work in Bremerhaven, NW Germany.

I must say except for some nightlife on the weekends the place is pretty much dead.

I asked my buddy, who is in Serbia, this question a while back and he informed me Serbians don't really do the whole online dating thing. However, even online is still very good here, many beautiful women on tinder although many are on there looking specifically for sponsorship or rich and famouse men now.

You might get a match here and there but don't expect much. Tinder is most used dating app in Serbia but badoo is also good for girls who are poor and live in countryside.